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This is our most current harvested olive oil in October 2022.  This seasons extra virgin olive oil is full flavored, smooooooth and offers a grassy, very olive fruit flavor with a hint of artichoke, and ends with a peppery finish full of polyphenols (the good stuff).  Delicious over your foods, i.e. meats, vegetables, salads, rice, potatoes, you name it.  Who can say "no" to dipping your bread into a great olive oil?  


This big bottle (17oz) makes an impressive hostess gift and is the one you want when you love olive oil.   This bottle stands 11.25 inches with the cap.


Baroness Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% olive juice.  Nothing else!  90% Frantoio and 10% Pendolino olive trees make up this unique blend we call our Frantoio Olive Oil.  These are Italian varietals grown in Newcastle, California.  Frantoio is prized for its grassy, fruity character, and is popular both in blends and as a single varietal oil.  It has an excellent balance of fruitiness, bitterness and pungency.  The Pendolino olive has extroidinary oil properties and is a light and fresh oil of excellent quality with a mild bitterness and spiciness.   The fruit ressembles artichoke and almond.


We use our hands and also a harvest rake to harvest the olives in October 2022 by our family and friends and a team of volunteers.

All natural growing methods used.  No pesticides ever used.

Our oil is milled within a few hours of harvest to retain the freshest quality and the highest level of polyphenols as possible.  The color is a rich and luscious gold!

2022 500ml Frantoio OLIVE OIL

Expected to ship by mid November 2023
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