Olive Leaf Tea - approx. 28 servings

100% Olive tree leaves.  Twigs and branches are removed.

All natural growing methods.  No pesticides ever used.

Hand picked and packaged in loose leaf form.

Olive Leaf Tea 1.5oz/42g

  • Olive leaf tea is safe for children and pets.  Use about half the adult dosage.  

  • Brew this herbal tea either with hot water, by the sun, or cold brew.  You will enjoy a mild taste of artichoke and/or herbal olive flavor in the hot brew.  In the sun tea or cold brew a lovely hint of sweetness and even a cinnamon flavor comes through.  All give a unique smooth flavor all there own.  If the tea is too bitter, then you brewed it too long...try again, but don't waste it, just mix it with fruit juice or make and Arnold Palmer with Lemonaide.

    As you steep it the color will start out a pale yellow, this will be a mild flavor.  Then it will turn more golden and then to an amber color.  The longer you steep it, the stronger the color and taste will be.  So find your happy place with it and enjoy it often.  Try mixing it with another favorite tea leaf and make your own creation and still get all the health benefits.  It is SO good for your body!  Read about it in the "Health Benefits" Tab


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