the following are actual quotes from our customers

Olive Oil

LOVE your oil!  It is LIQUID GOLD!!  We are in love!!                                Judy
I have to say that is phenominal olive oil!  I love it!                               Mark

@baronessoliveoil is FABULOUS!!!         The flavor is wonderful         Chef Drew   
The best olive oil ever!!!           Debra A.

It's the ONLY Olive Oil my husband will allow in the house!                      Penny

Your oil is AMAZING!!  My boss carries it at work (Blue Goose Produce) and now I'm stuck on it.  I won't use anything else!                            happy customer

It is the best Olive Oil I have ever tasted.  I love simple dressings on my salad and this olive oil makes the best salad dressing!                       Susan O.

Thank you for your amazing products!
                                   happy customer

Thank you for the Olive Oil, we love it!                                                  Vadim

I came home with a baquette...could not wait to taste your oil.  I am not disappointed...it is delicious!  I love the peppery spice and the mouthfeel is clean and luxurious...congratulations!  Soooo goood!                    Rebecca M.

Much to my delight I received a box containing a bottle of your olive oil and I immediately opened it and sampled the oil.  Let me just say that you have turned out a very nice product!  Based on my initial taste test you have passed with flying colors!                            Nick P.
"Your Olive Oil tastes like no others, very distinctive peppery flavor, absolutely delicious!  Great over salads all by itself.  More robust than most olive oils.  I can't wait for your next harvest."                                            Carolyn T.
"The olive oil is the best I've ever tasted, & I've bought many different olive oils over the years.  It's a perfect consistency, smooth, & robust.  Very good quality.  I bought a small bottle the first time and have already reserved two large bottles from the upcoming 
season."                                 Diane F.

"This oil is so good, the flavor is perfect.  I see why it sold out.  I'm having a hard time finding another one I like as much.  I will definitely stock up next harvest."                           Neil H.

"When the Olive Oil comes in this year we are going to stock up for the entire year."                                         Lori

"We just wanted to tell you we bought a bottle of your olive oil before and we just love it, it was excellent!  We will be buying more when we run out!"                              Happy Farmers Mkt customer


Olive Leaf Tea

Doctor says "keep drinking the Olive Leaf Tea!"  My cholesterol went from 205 down to 168 with no other changes in my diet and excercise.    Ed

My favorite tea! Delicious and amazingly healthy                       Terry

I love the olive leaf tea.  Love the mild flavor, my body is craving its goodness.

Your Olive Leaf Tea has regulated my A-fib in my heart!    Farmers Mkt Customer

I love my tea!                             Karen

Olive Leaf Tea Rocks!                  Jacqui
I make a pot every morning and my husband and I drink it all day long.  We love it!                                        Lori
I'm loving the Olive Leaf Tea and as a Mom and Pop Merchant I applaud the efforts you’ve made to create the Baroness Brand! A Shining Example of American Enterprise in Action.
                                             Mike S.
I replaced my cup of morning Joe with the tea...I love it.               Rebecca M.

I'm having a cup of Olive Leaf Tea, it's super great!                           Julie  M.

This is surprisingly very  good, I love it.                                                  Jason

After drinking 1 cup a day for 4 days, the arthritis in my hand stopped aching, inflammation went AWAY!  LOVE it!                                           Barbara owner                                     
Thank you so much! I'm always excited when I can add a super healthy item to mine and my family's lives...Yay!!
                                              Lisa C.

It is very soothing, it helped me relax after a long hard day.  I like the flavor with honey.                              Alec T.

Awesome tea, love the mild artichoke flavor.                              Mary Lou B.

Smooth & relaxing, love the flavor.
                                           Jackie N.                          
I bought the olive leaf tea for the very first time.  I had never heard of it and drink tea every day hot and cold.  I love the taste.  Will be buying more for sure.  Probably my most favorite tea.                                                           Diane F.

The Olive Leaf Tea is so good with a little honey & soy milk.  I enjoy it in the morning to give me a natural non-caffeinated boost of energy.  I've drunk it many times throughout my pregnancy and it makes me feel great without the fear of caffeine.  I also enjoy a cup of hot tea after dinner, it has a nice taste that reminds me of going to Chinatown.  I've had the pleasure of visiting the olive grove where the leaves are from and feel so comforted knowing that it is all natural, organic, and supporting locals.                             Gabriella M.          

Thank you for the tea.  I absolutely love it. :)                                     Mary S.

Thank you for taking a phone order.  I really enjoy the tea!                   Arlene

Bought a bag of your tea at Ikeda's and loved it!                                      Allan